Library Policies are in place to assure your experience at the Montgomery County Library is a better one.

• Limit 10 books and 4 movies for each patron.
• Food, drink and candy not allowed in the library.
• Patron must have library issued card to check out books with electronic circulation system.
• Books may be renewed twice. Telephone renewals allowed.
• If materials are damaged or lost while checked out to a patron, the patron must replace or pay repair or replacement costs before checking out additional materials.
• Books circulate for a three-week time period.
• DVDs circulate for a one- week time period.
• One-way postage must be paid on items borrowed on interlibrary loan service. ($5.00)
• Children under 18 must have written parental permission for Internet use.
• Any person causing a disturbance may be asked to exit the library.

Public Computers & Internet Use

To fulfill its mission to provide information to the public, the Montgomery County Library is providing free public access to the Internet.

Library staff can assist with basic computer use but may not be able to assist with the software or Internet resources.

Users may not send, display, or receive obscene, harassing or libelous messages, files, or images. In such instances, your computer privileges will be revoked.

Library Public Access Computer Use Policy

• Users must sign in at circulation desk.
• Limit ½ hour each session, if other patrons are waiting for computer.
• Requires parental permission form to be on file for children under 18.

Children Alone in the Library: Guidelines for Parents & Staff

The Montgomery County Library welcomes children. We want to provide a safe and appropriate environment for all library users. However, the library is a public building. The library does not have facilities or staffing to provide childcare and childcare is not the library’s role.

Parents and caregivers are responsible for the safety, comfort, and behavior of their children while in the library. Children under the age of 10 are to be under the direct supervision of an adult (18 or older) at all times.

Library staff members will take action in the following situations:

• A child is wandering around the library.
• A child is not following library rules.
• A child is damaging library property or doing something dangerous. Parents and caregivers will be asked to pay for any damages.
• Another person in the library seems to be a danger to the child.
• No caregiver comes to pick up a child at closing time.

In the above situations, library staff members will evaluate the situation and try to contact the child’s parent or guardian. If staff cannot reach the child’s parent or guardian or if the adult responsible for the child is in the library and refuses to assume responsibility for the child, the library staff will place the child in the care of the appropriate local law enforcement agency, and/or library privileges will be revoked.